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BBQ Pepperoni

Served with Hard Bite All Natural Chips and chipotle mayo dip

Regular, Honey Garlic, or Spicey



Served with side de jour

Make it a combo and add BBQ Pepps

Holiday Brioche: turkey, provolone, cranberry, arugula, mayo

Pesto Piggie: black forest harn, provolone, tornato, arugula

Pepperoni: pepps, provolone, caramelized onions, arugula, chipotle mayo

Club Brioche: ham, turkey, provolone, tomato, arugula, pest° mayo

Caprese Brioche: tomatoes, provolone, arugula, balsamic reduction



Hot Mess Burger: beef patty, pepps, cheese, caramelized onions, tole slaw, chipotle mayo

Cheeseburger: beef patty, cheese, onions, tomato, arugula



Jumbo Charbroiled Beef Hot Dog with all the fixings



Chips with queso cheese, onions, tomato, jalapeno, chipotle mayo drizzle

*Add pepps!


All Day Breakfast

Breakfast Brioche: ham, cheese, egg, tomato, arugula, mayo

Cluck’n Egger: turkey, cheese, egg, tomato, arugula

Green Eggs and Ham: pesto mayo, ham, cheese, egg, arugula


Grilled Cheeses

Loaded Grilled Cheese: Cheese, ham, pepps, onion

Grilled Ham and Cheese

Grilled Cheese



Cream Puffs: Chantilly cream filled puffs, chocolate, whip

Xtreme Cream Puffs:Puffs with banana custard, bananas, chocolate, whip



Fernwood Blend Coffee: Regular or Decaf

Hot Chocolate: Topped with whip

Vanilla Pumpkin Delux Coffee: Vanilla syrup, whip 8, pumpkin spice

Caramel PB Deluxe: Caramel syrup, whip & PB topping